We build Apps!

No two businesses are the same, and for Intelliteq, no two projects are the same.  We provide your business with a customised solution set to suit your specific organisational and business requirements.

We work with you to choose the most effective solutions.  We help you implement those solutions. We upskill your staff to optimise the solutions.

We use our IT expertise combined with the superior and secure capabilities of Microsoft 365 and associated cloud platforms, to implement targeted solutions to unique problems.  As well as building new systems to provide long-lasting performance and results, we can also work with existing infrastructure and programs to maximise your output with the tools already on hand.

To keep current and future employees up to date, we complement our consulting and project management services with first-rate staff training and educational resources.  Intelliteq specialise in the creation of instructional documents, cheat sheets and operating manuals, to support and demystify your operating platform, programs and business processes.

Intelligent tech, Intelligent solutions, Intelligent staff.  It’s what we do!

Our systems will help business owners and managers with the big-ticket strategic items of: Governance, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Legal Compliance and Future Planning.

And we provide systems to improve the mundane duties too. Perhaps an easier way to communicate with colleagues, a better organised file system, an easy way to complete a form, a simpler way to submit a timesheet, a template that helps prepare that monthly presentation.

We are passionate about finding better ways to do business, from the big to the trivial.

As a Microsoft Partner, many of our solutions ustilise the Micrososft Online platform. We also customise desktop solutions to suit your organisation requirements. We can assist you to choose the right technology, select the most appropriate software solution, the required devices, operating systems and mobile apps. The excellent image from Kirsty McGrath (http://www.onpointsolutions.com.au) demonstrates Microsoft solutions to many common business problems.

Asset Management

  • Online versions of your favourite software
  • Typically available free of charge
  • Access files any place, any time, any device
  • Open Word and Excel files on mobile devices
  • Quickly access business data
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Business & Board Reporting

  • Build no-code automation of processes
  • Push notifications to keep staff informed
  • Develop approval processes for controlled documents, staff application process
  • Collect data and automatically process it
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Case Management

  • Build document libraries with version history and approval workflow
  • Access critical files in the office or field
  • Edit documents with colleagues together in real-time
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Compliance & Quality

  • Easily share files with your team
  • Keep all team data together in one place
  • Have team conversations with IM
  • Push notifications to stay informed
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Clients & Customers

  • Traditional project scheduling and monitoring
  • Create Gantt charts and project schedules
  • Track completion of milestones and deliverables
  • Track work effort and costs
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Contract & Grant Management

  • Online task management for teams
  • Get immediate notification of task delegation.
  • Track completion of milestones and deliverables
  • Work as a cohesive team to deliver outcomes
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Document Control

  • Google-like searching for your business data
  • Instant search for your commonly used files
  • Add refiners to search by date, author or content type
  • Security trimmed results only show you what you are permitted to see
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Expenses Request & Approval

  • Improved communication with impressive presentations
  • Create templates for presentations
  • Embed animated dashboards, movies and data visualisations
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HR Personnel App

  • Create registers, timesheets and many other solutions
  • Collect data in smart worksheets
  • Analyse data and build dashboards
  • Automate tasks using macros and VBA coded solutions
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Incident Reporting & Resolution

  • Create beautiful documents compliant to your style guideline
  • Create templates for all business documentation from correspondence to policy and procedures
  • Smart merge documents that communicate with databases
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Onboarding & Recruitment

  • Document processes using flow charts
  • Quickly build organisational charts
  • Design drawings for small projects
  • Analyse business process using deployment flow charts showing bottlenecks and silos
  • Free alternative available at draw.io
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Published Documents (Read & Acknowledge)

  • Create strategies for email overload
  • Organise your self and your team with time management strategies
  • Get things done with personal and team-based task management
  • Plan meetings easier; book rooms and resources and organise your team
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Staff Leave Application & Approval

  • Easy to create beautiful and functional forms
  • Collect form data for analysis
  • Quickly create surveys and polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events
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Strategic Risk (Rating & Profiles)

  • Take notes of anything at any time
  • Organise all your information in structured sections and pages
  • Secure information with PIN or fingerprint scan
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Vehicle Logs

  • Aggregate data from multiple data sources
  • Automatically cleanse and simplify data
  • Visualise complex data using interactive dashboards
  • Publish dashboards to the web
  • Present geospatial data in maps
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