The Intelliteq Superheroes

We are a dynamic team of experienced professionals and subject-matter experts. The Intelliteq team can advise on appropriate IT strategy, help you implement, customise and optimise the solutions to your business needs, and then document the processes and provide workplace training to your staff.

Our staff are passionate problem solvers. Each brings a unique range of life and business experiences. Between us, we have worked in a wide range of business sectors including mining, manufacturing, management, education, environment, aviation, legal, medical, science, engineering and of course, technology.

Modern society is one of continual and rapid innovation. Our staff love change. We help organisations embrace change rather than fear it. With our assistance, your business can be agile and transition to new technologies.

We are strong team players and try to embed this philosophy in all our solutions. Teams are at the heart of every successful organisation. The bottom line is that an organisation thrives when teamwork is at its best.

There’s an old saying in project management that, depending on how you hear it, goes something like “We offer three types of service. Good, fast and cheap. You can choose any two.” At Intelliteq we embrace an ethic of quality work for a fair price. We maintain an internal Business Management System and our focus is always on delivering programs of the highest quality to our clients.

Mike Fairley

Principal consultant and trainer, with 30 years business experience, Mike has held Management and Director roles in multiple companies and has formal qualifications in analytical science. He possesses a wide range of practical experience, particularly in business systems, compliance and quality management.

Margaret Fairley

“The boss” keeps our business viable by conducting the day-to-day planning, administration and finance functions. Margaret spent many years working in Big Pharma, before embarking on motherhood and small business management. An excellent multi-tasker, providing outstanding project management.

Daniel Virgili

Our Brisbane-based “tech-head”, ​Daniel has IT university qualifications and is passionate about Office 365 business solutions.  He is also a small-business IT specialist and creates effective solutions for our customers.  He has great problem-solving skills; when we have a difficult nut to crack, Daniel is the man we turn to!

Hayley Wallace

Melbourne-based Microsoft Office “guru”, Hayley, has experience in the top-end of town, having held executive administration positions. Hayley creates beautiful and professional documents, spreadsheets, forms & templates using Word and Excel.  She’s a part of the Intelliteq team and also runs her own consultancy.

Carol Hall

Our “pedantic” (in a good way) writer, proof-reader, document developer and trainer. Carol has experience in the military, the health sector and legal practices. She has a keen eye for detail, and a terrific ability to explain complex technology in straightforward terms. She’s a part of the Intelliteq team and also runs her own consultancy.

Other Partners

Depending on the project, we can join forces with various suppliers, subcontractors and subject-matter experts.

We work with local vendors such as Future Computers and TJ Microsystems in North Qld.  They will sell you the Lego kit, but we help you build the rocket ship to reach the stars!

Schedule of Fees

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