Problems We Solve

Technical problems in your business?  We provide IT solutions for project/job management, document management, compliance, team collaboration, communication, quality systems and risk management, with a focus on long term, cost effective solutions.

If you are a business owner or manager, do you see technology holding back your potential?  If you are an employee, are you getting the most out of the technology available?

Think about your workplace.  Are you ever frustrated with technology?  Do you ever think “there must be a better way”?  Do you ever wish you had better IT skills to achieve your goals?

We work with you to identify where problems exist.  We investigate where business improvements can be made.  We work with your staff to deliver effective training and assessment. Big business. Regional business. Remote business. Not for Profit Business. We’re the partner you can count on.  Let us solve your problem.  It’s what we do!

Move to the Cloud

  • Geographically dispersed operations or staff
  • High cost of on-premise servers
  • Difficult to access content remotely
  • Spending too much on IT management
  • Lack of knowledge to deploy cloud solutions
  • No clear strategy to move to the cloud
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Business Improvement

  • Outdated systems & methodologies
  • Inefficiency due to antiquated processes
  • Technical systems that don’t integrate
  • Departmental or regional silos
  • Process bottlenecks
  • Lack of IT knowledge impeding critical decision making
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Systems Process & Workflow

  • No streamlined system for common processes such as timesheets, leave application, document approval, expense claims, training needs, etc
  • Lack of approval process
  • Insufficient notifications and alerts
  • Systems not built for mobility
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Information Management

  • Ineffective and illogical file plans
  • Poor security of documents
  • Unable to find information when needed
  • No approval of critical documents
  • Multiple versions of documents stored
  • Inability to access documents in the field
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Collaboration & Teamwork

  • No “team” based software
  • No platform for sharing documents
  • Delays in critical actionable items
  • Need to improve access of information
  • No platform for staff feedback and ideas
  • No centralised contacts
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Business Communication

  • Lack of a centralised communication portal
  • Swamped by a deluge of emails
  • No platform for video conferencing
  • Excessive emailing to internal staff
  • Use of IM or social networking tools
  • Unprofessional presentations
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Staff Training & Development

  • Business has no staff development program
  • No training needs analysis performed
  • Staff feel overwhelmed by new technology
  • Change management issues in the business
  • Appropriate training mode to suite workforce
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Document Writing

  • Staff are too busy to write documentation
  • Ineffectual induction due to lack of documentation
  • High risk activities without adequate documentation
  • Procedure manuals are lacking
  • Need plain language policies and procedures
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Time & Task Management

  • No “team” approach
  • Organisation not utilising shared calendars
  • Small projects unmanageable due to lack of task management tools
  • Tasks run overtime and deadlines not met
  • Poor use of Outlook and other tools
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  • Organisation does not have a style guideline
  • Multiple copies and versions of templates
  • Lack of consistency in output
  • Lack of compliance
  • No templates lead to extra unnecessary work
  • Need improved efficiency for routine documentation & correspondence
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IT Review & Audit

  • Organisation has no risk management policy for IT systems and data
  • Business has no clear IT policies
  • Organisation has no IT future planning
  • Lack of IT policy and procedures
  • Organisation not ready for mobile workforce
  • Unprepared for future innovation
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Business Intelligence

  • Organisation does not capture business data
  • Cannot present data in meaningful ways to make business decisions
  • Need dashboards and visuals
  • Want insights into data
  • Need to easily monitor KPIs
  • Difficulty aggregating data
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Strategic Planning

  • Business has no clear IT policies or future planning
  • Not for Profit business planning linked to funding cycles
  • Organisation needs a 5 year plan
  • Program for change management
  • Difficulty measuring current performance
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Compliance, Governance & Risk Management

  • Lack of registers for recording issues
  • Not tracking issues to resolution
  • Poor management of tenders, quotes, and other financial data
  • A desire for quality or triple accreditation
  • Difficulty complying with government or industry regulations
  • No systems for risk management
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Forms & Data Collection

  • Need for business forms such as customer satisfaction, issue and incident reporting
  • Paper systems leading to transcription errors
  • Too much double handling data
  • Forms not adequately capturing data for further analysis
  • A need for fillable PDF forms
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Real world business problems, solved with cost effective, proven technical solutions. Let us solve your problem. It’s what we do!

Work smarter not harder. We help you critically analyse procedures and help identify areas for potential improvement. We analyse your business activities and look for bottlenecks, silos and other inefficiencies within the business. We can then create and implement systems or redesign existing processes to realise business excellence.

Any place, any time, any device. This is the promise of cloud computing. As a Micrososft Partner, many of our solutions ustilise the Micrososft Online platform. For businesses with geographically dispersed operations, or staff that work in the field, the cloud offers advantages in team work, communication and collaboration. Cloud computing can also reduce costs and simplify your IT management.

We can assist you to understand the various cloud plans and get the best value for money, and then choose the right technology, select the most appropriate software solution, the required devices, operating systems and mobile apps. The excellent image from Matt Wade (full interactive version here) demonstrates solutions to many common business problems.